Paul Simon

Paul Simon wore one of his many Johnny's Dance Band t-shirts on the cover of "Paul Simon Complete", a songbook published by Warner Brothers Publications,  Inc. He also wore JDB t-shirts in his film, "One Trick Pony", and on Saturday Night Live, playing a duo with James Taylor. There is, of course, a story behind all this.

The original JDB was doing regular gigs at John & Peter's in New Hope, PA, from 1974-1976. One night, co-owner, John Larsen said to Tony, "You know, Paul Simon's been coming to see your band. He stands in the back, near the soundboard, disguised in a hat, beard, shades and overcoat. He's been to see JDB a few times, and bought t-shirts." Tony went into a rare state of speechlessness. Learning, that Paul had purchased a farm outside of town, TJ drove there and dropped a gift package in the Simon rural mailbox, containing: a JDB live tape, an 8x10 photo, press kit & yes another JDB t-shirt. The rest, as they say, is history.


VARIETY, a.k.a. The Broadway Bible, actually did a rave review of
Hard to believe, but that illustrates what a huge reputation JDB had
in the Bi-Centennial year of 1976.


Queen Victoria

An actual ticket. This memorable old Victorian hotel was in the countryside South of Allentown, PA. To this day, the band gets letters from fans who attended JDB's shows there. A one-of-a-kind hippie establishment where the performances were always inspired. WSAN radio in Allentown would often broadcast the shows live on the air.

The important things about the event described in WMMR's 1977 full-page newspaper ad above are: JOHNNY'S DANCE BAND drew 20,000 people; and this was the first major concert to ever happen at Penn's Landing ... on The Delaware River waterfront in Philadelphia. It had not been developed at all yet. It was just dirt. The concert stage for this event was made from flatbed trucks.

Little Hippodrome JDB

The Little Hippodrome was an East Side Club in Manhattan. JDB's managers kept sending them to play NYC - actually losing money - in order to "showcase for the record industry". Look closely. In this photo, JOHNNY'S DANCE BAND is naked. The photographer was Alex Matter, one of JDB's managers. Location: THE SWAMP.

John's Place

This was before the club was called John & Peter's, circa 1973-1974. JDB went from being unknown to being regionally famous largely as a result of their legendary performances in this intimate funky room.
Note the $1.50 admission price. Original flyer artwork by Chris Darway.

Cheech Chong JDB

JOHNNY'S DANCE BAND opened for CHEECH & CHONG at the remarkable theater in the round, VALLEY FORGE MUSIC FAIR (now history). Cheech had the hots for JDB's Light Lady, Elen & chased her all over the place, until she gained protection from THE ROAD CREW.

JDB  Cartoon 1

Tony's original illustration for the Shootin' the Breeze newsletter masthead

JDB  New Hope Gazette 1

Unique article written by Anita Wise, who at that time was in charge of

JDB  Stage Pass

The "Back Stage Pass" above, the flyer below, and all the Fan Club items on this page were the work of cartoonist, Mary Lynne Bernardo. She was President of THE JOHNNY'S DANCE BAND FAN CLUB, and a great illustrator. She worked tirelessly to promote her favorite band.
JDB could never thank her enough.


JDB  Cartoon

Earliest known JDB cartoon of the very first 5-man band, that existed for about a week. Rendered, from left, are: Chris, another John
(who quit right after Tony joined), Tony, Johnny and Paul.
Artist: Paul Messing, drummer (far right), PCA Graduate in Fine Arts.

JDB Circle Logo

JDB Christmas Card. The most famous 7-piece band. Clockwise from top: Johnny Jackson, Chris Darway, Courtney Colletti, Tony Juliano, Nannette Mancini, Dave Mohn, Bobby Lenti.  "Artist": Tony.

JDB Dr. Watsons1

"Quick & Dirty" flyer for Doc Watson's Pub in Philadelphia.
"Artist": Tony.

"Quick & Dirty" flyer for JDB at The Main Point. "Father" Guido Sarducci,
of Saturday Night Live fame, was JDB's opening act. The group played numerous times at the venerable "coffehouse" club, usually headlining. But,
on one memorable night, they opened for Martin Mull. "Artist": Chris Darway.

JDB Heavy

JOHNNY'S DANCE BAND ... HEAVY. Chris Darway's funny all-purpose poster.
This was JDB's very first promotional piece. The blank space at the bottom
was a budgetary design. Gig details were hand-written below the hippo.

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