Writers: © Tony Juliano, Dyann Juliano from the Hot Cakes EP, 

Dyann & Tone Curacao


Writers: © Tony Juliano, Dyann Juliano from the Hot Cakes EP,             

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TRICKS UP MY APRON and other adventures in Culinary Servitude


by Dyann Juliano & Tony Juliano

An eclectic mix of ethnic influences, reflected in:

Appetizers, Soups, Dressings, Salads, Sides,

Veggies, Entrees, Sweetbites, Cocktails & more.

A compilation of recipes

"that have been shared with us,

over the years, at our gatherings."

The writer-editors combine their friends'

kitchen formulas with their own.

Dyann, a former caterer and cafe owner, 

is the chief chef, author & designer.

Tony is the illustrator & lyricist (many of his song lyrics are included, and relate to the recipes).

Some of the more interesting concoctions are: Pear with Bleu Cheese & Hollandaise; Curried Pumpkin Soup; Arabian Squash; Tropicali Jewel - St. Thomas Sweet Potato Stuffing; Horseradish Carrots; Chicken Legs Lasagna; Bonnie's Tropical Fish; Indonesian Satay; Nana's Braciole; Bodacious Meatballs; Fresh Coconut Easter Eggs; Egyptian Semolina Cake; Guilty - Chocolate No Mercy Cake; Don't Get Your Knickers In A Twist - Very English Trifle; Bushwacker - Frozen Cocktail Milkshake.


This handy little cookbook packs a lot of exciting,

adventurous culinary ideas into less than 40 pages.

Spiral-bound, to lay flat, printed on heavy card stock.

Use Tricks Up My Apron in your kitchen, and experiment

with creations you may not have tried before.

It also makes a great gift.

Available in the Spring  $20.00 

2012 Groove Kitchen Publication

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