down island dogs

" Man Smart,
  Woman Smarter "

from the CD
Down Island Dogs

Writers: Harry Belafonte,
Norman Span, Jack Segal.

Tony Juliano: Lead vocal, rhythm guitar, conga drums, egg shakers.
Courtney Colletti: lead guitar,
flute, bass, group vocal.

Steve Delaney: drums, group vocal.
Joey Stout: piano, keyboard brass ensemble, group vocal.

" Cecilia "
from the CD
Down Island Dogs

Writer: Paul Simon

Tony Juliano: vocals, guitar, vintage cardboard box, cowbell, conga drums.
Steve Delaney: drums.
Courtney Colletti: bass.
Joey Stout: keyboard brass ensemble, organ, hand claps.

Tony Juliano has spent years living and working in the Caribbean.
He loves island music as much as he loves rock 'n roll.

  Rehoboth-4ManBow     Courtney Colletti, TJ, Louie Manera, Steve Delaney ~ Ocean City, Maryland, on the dunes
during a several year run at Seacrets, Jamaica USA.     Photo: Tony.

CC :JS Wacky

Tony's band, Down Island Dogs 
plays reggae, Latin rock, tropical
rock, ska,calypso, bossa nova, plus
some of their own original
Quasi-Calypso-World-Beat Music.

Courtney and Joey (Stout) love their work.


Down Island Dogs Rehoboth Bandstand

The Down Island Dogs studio album is hot !

It includes creative tight arrangements of music by
Bob Marley
Jimmy Cliff
Harry Belafonte
Jimmy Buffett
Paul Simon
and many others.
(See Discography)

Louie, Steve, TJ, Joey (Doyle), Courtney


Tony Rockin' the congas - in concert at Rosetree Park, Media, PA

Tony's Caribbean experience is obvious in the genuine island feeling he brings to the music. It's one thing to try and learn some tropical tunes. What makes these guys different is that they truly understand the grooves. In fact,
TJ has even invented some ... hybrids like Ska-Funk, Fatback Mambo, Chabolero, Skasanova, and the ever popular

Funky Calypso, the title of their live double album. (See Discography)

                        CC & kids                                                          
The girls love Courtney                            Rosetree Park                                          Joey Stout & Son In Concert

Down Island Dogs closing a concert at Rehoboth City Bandstand
where they performed on 11 consecutive 4th Of July weekends
Joey Doyle, Courtney Colletti, Tony Juliano, Steve Delaney

Assawoman Dr.

The careers of these musicians cover a lot of territory ...
Florida, California,the Northeast and Mid Atlantic regions, Boston to the Chesapeake Bay.The Virgin Islands, The Mediterranean.

Gig-wise, the group size changes to fit the situation:
solo-duo-trio for small or low-key events ...
four to six pieces (or more) for a bigger sound.

Depending on the line-up, the band plays:
conga drums
trap drums
Latin percussion

pretty much anything that might be layin' around...
and everybody sings.

Steve Delaney, Courtney Colletti, TJ, Johnny Jackson, Louie Manera

Steve, Courtney & Joey ... Calypso Power Trio

So, pick up a pair of maracas, and shake those things.
You'll find the music of Down Island Dogs ... infectious
From the first few bars, it moves you.


All photos except the top one: Franco Prezio.

LOGO: dyann juliano