all I have to do is dream

Tony Juliano 11yrs 

Tough Tony, age 11, with white sport coat (collar up),
pompadour (courtesy of Vitalis) dressed for a concert
doing The Everly Brothers' All I Have To Do Is Dream
Photo: coin-op booth

It started at home.

His mom, Edee, was ironing in the living room, singing to her

favorite songs on 'Your Hit Parade' or 'Bandstand'. Little Tony played
on the floor with his toy cars and trucks, singing along with mom.
They sang the songs of Harry Belafonte, Bill Haley and His Comets,
McGuire Sisters, Johnny Ray and other artists of the day.
It was the early fifties.

Elvis wailed 'Heartbreak Hotel' and 'Hound Dog'. His sexuality threatened

the older generation so much ... that The 'Ed Sullivan Show' cut him off
at the waist.
As Tony watched
Tony knew
he must get a guitar
and do that too.

It was 1956.

Cool stuff happened in the fifth grade. Tony's music teacher,

Mrs. Kelton (who resembled Andy Taylor's Aunt Bea), actually let him sing
rock 'n roll songs in front of the class ~ accapella. Then, he and a friend
put on white sportcoats and guitars, which they only held. They lip-synched
'All I Have To Do Is Dream' for The Strawberry Festival Concert at church.
In the grade school talent show, TJ donned top hat, tails and cane,
as he mimed and danced to 'Me And My Shadow'.
These performances went over big.

But, the real milestone was his first paying gig, at a school 'canteen' dance.

With Tony on drums, and two classmates on piano and guitar (for real) ,
'The Magentas' rocked the house. They named themselves after
the color of their shirts. It was 1958, and Tony Juliano was 11.

This website takes a look at what happened after that.