Tony and Courtney Colletti
have performed together since
the Johnny's Dance Band days.

Alone ... Together

Tony Juliano performs solo,
singing and accompanying himself
on acoustic guitar and harmonica.
There are some sweet examples of this on his CD, 'Solo Acoustic'.

Sometimes, he appears in a duo or
trio, with other players from
the troup, on vocals, guitar, bass, flute, conga drums, keyboard ...

TJ's repertoire covers eight decades
worth of music: rock 'n roll, blues,
reggae, rockabilly, calypso, oldies, rhythm & blues, Latin rock, folk, country, pop, bossa nova, satire,
ska, standards, swing, jazz & more.

Statement Of Policy

Tony Juliano & Company only performs 100% live music, played by 100%
living, breathing musicians, with real instruments, right before your eyes.
You'll never witness them with pre-recorded, sequenced, karaoke-type
back-up music tracks. TJ is opposed to this so-called 'power single' or
'power duo' approach, on both professional and ethical grounds. This practice allows employers to get a full-band sound, while only paying for a solo or duo. But, most importantly, it puts deserving musicians out of work.

Photos: Franco Prezio