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"Every week or so, a student of mine can play a new song."

Tony Juliano has been teaching since his college days. 
He received his Bachelor of Science in Education, from Temple
University, and a Pennsylvania State Teaching Certification.
For years, he taught in public and private schools,in many different subject areas.

Tony worked in pioneering projects, such as Miquon School,
Settlement Music School, and The Communications Experience
Project. He also studied privately with one of Philadelphia's
premier voice instructors to the stars, the late, great Harold Singer.
Currently, TJ gives private instruction in guitar, voice, songwriting,
and a course for small groups, simply called ... Playing In A Band.

Jennifer Lile started as a student in voice,
then moved into composition and guitar lessons.
She's developed incredible ability as a singer-songwriter,
and has recorded an impressive CD of her own original songs.
(See Discography)

Photo: Franco Prezio


Sam:Mark PJ

Student Sammy Finney performing at PigJam, with Mark Juliano.       Photo: Finney Family

"My approach is song-oriented and very personal," explains Tony. "I was trained to create individual lesson plans for each student, and for each lesson. As I do this, lessons are built around the student's musical interests and skills at that point in time. It's important to keep the lessons simple," Tony continues. "Every week or so, each student of mine can play a new song. This is very reinforcing, and keeps motivation high. Music theory? It comes in easy-to-digest doses m... just enough to understand and perform the task at hand. As time goes on, we apply that theory to future lessons."

       www.donjohnsonmusic.com    Photo: Dave Moser

Don Johnson has studied composition, voice and guitar with Tony.
His original CD is excellent
(See Discography), and another one is in
the works. Don i
s constantly working on improving his craft.


  Beginners, starting at 8 years old, are the people
  Tony Juliano enjoys working with the most.
  "I feel like beginners are the most open-minded,"
  he says. "Turning them on to new world's of musical
  experience is very fulfilling to me.  I feel like I'm
  having an extremely positive effect on their lives."



Student Concert Grand Finale:
   Luc DeCecco, Ty Yoegel, Courtney Leary and Robin Dart
   Photo: Jon Dart


 There is no upper age limit for music students.
Tony's oldest student, so far, was a retired school principal
in St. Thomas, who took up guitar at 83 years of age.
"She was a fast learner, loved to play gospel & blues,
  and she had hands like Jimi Hendrix!" 

Finneys and all

With his many years in the music business,
including his work as a Sesame Street composer,
  Tony brings a lot to the table, when it comes to teaching.  

Some of his students are still working with him
after almost ten years.
Apparently, they feel like they're getting a lot out of
lessons with Tony.

John Goetz sings and plays traditional songs. 


A few students have had their original songs
  recorded, in a professional studio,
  and have made great albums.

  But, most people just want to have fun,
  and make music for themselves, their friends
  and families," Tony concludes."

  I always keep that in mind. I love teaching,
  and I don't plan on stopping any time soon."

  Lynn Finney digs folk, blues, sixties & classic rock.
er favorite band is The Grateful Dead.
   Photo: Robin Dart

Chris,Sam Tone
Student Concert - Sammy Finney and Chris Hunter Rock out with Tony.  Photo: Jon Dart

P.S. Notice that name Finney coming up a few times ?
That's because Lynn & Sammy Finney are one of several
parent & child combos who take music lessons with Tony.
A family that plays together ... stays together.